NauticalSummer house in Valdo
Apartment building in Bassersdorf
with Patrick Reuter Architektur
competition • 3rd prize

Bassersdorf, Switzerland

The new Steinlig apartments are a proposal for urban living in the countryside, where freedom of movement and density go hand in hand. It fosters its diverse surroundings and transforms them into a building that connects the upper landscape with the lower suburban area.
As a pavilion in the garden, the aim is to create a connection between the flats and the surrounding vegetation without compromising the reimagined urban presence and scale. As of that, big scale loggias act as a continuation of the interior free floor plan and offer a protected outdoor experience towards the collective garden.
A blue enigmatic presence enhances the ambition of a new way of living and a pavilion-like urbanity in the hub of a peripheral area of the Zürich metropolitan region.