NauticalSummer house in Valdo
Nautical base in Genève

competition • 5th prize
Genève, Switzerland

The nautical base de la Jonction is envisaged as the gateway to the newly envisioned Jonction public park.
Conceived as an open and flexible infrastructure whatever its opening hours, its ambition is to become a mediating and organising element between the water and the park, serving both with different carachter of public spaces: a generous water 'terrace' facing the Arve river and a wide entrance avenue to the the park. Both of them are served by covered porticoes of different amplitudes, which effectly act as public interfaces.

The infrastructural nature of the program is emphasised in the construction technique: by recycling selected steel beams from the demolition work planned for the neighboring TPG deposit , the new water sports centre becomes an opportunity to make the most of what already exists. By echoing the site's historically industrial character and opening up its spaces to the magnificent surroundings, a familiar yet unexpected skeleton structure becomes a new backdrop for public gatherings and establishes a new relationship with the water.