Furniture prototypes

private commission

How does gravity influence the shape of things?

The laws of gravitation tell us that every object in the universe attracts each other in a way that depends on their distance and their mass; hence for us, gravity is greater on earth than in the sky.
On one hand, it is obvious how gravity has always determined a challenge for human artifacts; ever since ancient megaliths and primitive constructions, objects are bound to absolute laws of equilibrium and stability. On the other hand, the gravitational force also determines basic conditions of nature in the sky, such as atmospheric events: clouds, air pressure, winds, air density.
Therefore, every man-made or natural thing embodies a response to the amount of gravitational force it is subject to.

Stemming from the study of archaic structures and natural phenomena,
I confronted myself with different ways in which gravity physically and visually manifests. I am interested in understanding the relationship between gravity and shape, and to reach unexpected aesthetics and spatial experiences, of absolute meaning and infinite interpretation.

Each of the here presented pieces aims, through sheer geometry, to investigate a precise relation with gravity and to materialize it into a structural behavior. Highly deployable and made out of economically accessible materials, every object is reduced to minimum pieces in order to be easily assembled, moved, and stored. A new realm of object, lying in a field between furniture and structural experiments, sets to produce an awareness of gravity through objects of daily use.