with Mateusz Zaluska and Matthew Bailey

What is a house for?

Our first experience with architecture starts at home. Besides giving shelter, a house can also invite us to think about ways of living and seeing the world, both physically and philosophi- cally.

A house has the potential to trigger emotions, awaken curiosity and nourish our creative attitudes towards life.

We ask practicing architects and theoreticians to speak about a house they know. The choice is free, it can be by another architect, or a memory from long ago but it must be a house that has influenced them.

We believe that observation and creation happen simultaneously and are attentive to this. We are searching for inspiring ideals; examples that enrich and invite us all to go further.

We hope to grasp the many diverse ways of relating to the world through the spaces we in- habit and answer the question: what else, beyond sheer utility, can a house be for?